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What are the benefits of fixie bicycles?

 1. No maintenance is required

Having no gear shifter, they hardly require maintenance, that’s why they have been chosen by urban messengers in New York City, as well as the most important financial cities in the world. Here in Spain, these kind of messenger services are active in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Soria or Seville, amongst others.

2. Improved drivetrain efficiency

The chain is shorter than in conventional bikes, and completely straight, which helps the gears work smoother; this can actually be felt while pedalling. Also, they have no pulleys or any other transmission devices – everything is kept simple.

3. Simplicity

The gear ratio will no longer be a concern – they are the perfect kind of bicycle to ride on flat ground and for short trips.

4. Facility

A total, almost mystical connection binds the cyclist with their bike. It’s the simplest way to ride – if you want to go you pedal forward, and if you want to go back you pedal backwards. Equally, the faster you pedal the faster the bike will move, if you want to slow down you’ll just have to pedal more slowly.

5. Handling

Your legs become your accelerator and brakes. You’ll just have to move quicker to go faster and put reverse pressure with your feet if you want to slow down or stop.

20 benefits of riding a fixed gear bike

6. Improves cadence

Pedalling rhythm improves and gets more even. Fixie bikes require a very steady rhythm if you want to go faster. As they’re very light, you’ll speed up very quickly.

7. Fluency

Your moves will become more fluid and faster, as you’ll have to sit as relaxed and as loose as possible, in order to be able to pedal constantly and evenly.

8. More muscles get exercised

Many muscle groups work together, more than would be the case if you were riding a conventional bike.

9. Nerve response is enhanced

Nerve response to muscle contraction improves significantly, especially when pedalling rhythm becomes fast, such as when you’re riding down a slope

10. Your strength increases

Peak strength increases due to the absence of gear shifters, which demand a bigger effort when starting to pedal from a standstill or when riding on uneven ground.

11. It improves resistance

Endurance improves also, as you may have to pedal up slopes at an even rhythm.

12. It improves strength

Not only lower limbs get stronger, but also upper ones. As fixie bikes have no gears, high peak strengths are achieved not only in both legs but also thanks to the gripping and dynamic traction that comes from the torso and arms.

20 benefits of riding a fixed gear bike

13. Muscles develop more quickly

They can also be used as a way to strengthen all muscles after competitions, intense training sessions or after having hurt yourself, as they encourage blood circulation and constant flexibility of the muscle fibres that work while pedalling.

14. Constant muscular work

Physical work is constant while riding a fixie bike, the same kind of work you do when running – once you start pedalling, you can’t stop like you would do on a conventional bike, which allow you to relax and stop pedalling when going downhill or on very flat ground.

15. It favours muscle building

It’s a perfect eccentric exercise for leg muscles, compensating for the concentric work they do while pedalling circularly and repetitively. The effort is actually quite similar to that of track runners, whose muscles contract eccentrically.

16. Profitability

You’ll benefit from the whole time you spend on the bike – half an hour of cycling on a fixie is equal, in terms of effort, to a whole hour on a conventional bike.

17. Instincts and skills are improved

Riding a fixie bike will improve your instincts, anticipation and concentration abilities.

 18. Riding gets easier

Your riding technique will also get better. Once you are riding you are forced to become more stable. Your reaction capacity, reflexes, instincts and other innate abilities. You’ll have to coordinate everything while you pedal, and at first, you’ll need high concentration to ride.

19. Ideal for the city

They’re ideal for moving around the city, and since they have no gear shifter they are usually less attractive to thieves.

20. Affordable prices

Check out the Quella range of Fixies. All have 'FLIP/FLOP' hubs with fixed wheel drive on one side and freewheel on the other. The unique electric hub can also boost peddle power and is controlled by an application on your smart phone. This can also lock the bike.


On a fixie, the rear sprocket has no freewheel mechanism so the pedals will turn with the back wheel as they are ‘fixed’ together by the chain.  A single speed bike has a freewheel mechanism so that the bike will freewheel (roll along) with your feet stationary.  On a fixie, you need to keep pedalling at all times, even when rolling down a hill.  All of our bikes have brakes fitted, but expert fixie riders can stop the bike using a skid technique by sharply pedalling backwards and locking the rear wheel.  Fixies can also be used for trick riding like pedalling backwards, holding trackstands etc.  Quella supply ALL bicycles with a ‘flip-flop hub’ as standard, this means there is a freewheel sprocket on one side and a fixed sprocket on the other so all bikes can be ridden fixed or with freewheel depending on your preference. 


Yes!  Quella bicycles are perfect for urban areas because they are lightweight, simple to ride, easy to carry, and will turn heads with their modern and minimalist design. They are the perfect solution for the stylish urban commuter making regular short to medium trips. Please note that, whilst many of our customers do undertake longer rides, our bikes are not designed for long-distance trips because they do not have gears to help you on the big hills you might find on a long country ride. 


Riding a fixed gear bike is not difficult but it takes a bit of getting used to!  It is great for your cycling technique and will improve your pedal stroke and your fitness. 


Single-speed and fixed-gear bikes are great for commuting, short trips around your neighborhood and require less maintenance than a geared bike.  If you have long or steep hills on your commute or live in a very hilly area, a single speed bike is going to make you work harder to get up those gradients as you only have the one gear.



Featuring innovative battery and motor technology, the E-Quella Electric Bike combines vintage style with an inconspicuous and integrated electric motor pedal-assist drive system. By harnessing kinetic energy, this bike charges as you ride.  

Our E-Quella bike is incredibly versatile. Make your commute without breaking a sweat or ride further than ever before. Exert less effort and spend more time in the saddle without compromising on style.

Weight: 13.9 kgs (51cm), 13.9 kgs (54cm), 15.2 kgs (58cm), 15.2 kgs (61cm)

A family bike shed.

One customers bike shed with a selection of race bikes, childrens starter bikes and.....for the working classes, a PURE E Free Step WITH CHAIN GUARD AND MUD GUARDS.

PURE Free Step