Our aim is to turn traffic into a party, one less car at a time and we have another new addition to our electric bike range, the PURE ELECTRIC FREE STEP, CITY and FLUX ONE. These are great urban bikes but our first customers were from the wild hills of North Yorkshire where the ASSIST comes in handy on a ride to beat Northern Rail to work or down a leafy lane to the pub.

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    All our bikes and e-scooters arrive with free 5-day home delivery. choose a delivery window that suits you, for a stress-free experience.

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    Founded in the England, designed in Birmingham. We represent the UK'S leading experts in all things bicycle including fabulous e-bikes and scooters, the future of mobility.

  • Engineered From the Ground Up

    Li-Fe e-scooters are built to excite and innovate. each element is thoughtfully designed by our R&D team. Already tens of thousands of E-Scooters are being sold into the UK market and with our latest new range we hope we can help show you a new way of Li-Fe

  • Dawes discovers the World.

    A major historic UK brand initialy specialising in racing cycles.

    1906 Major Ernest Humphries and Charles F. Dawes established the company in Birmingham.

    Charles Dawes set up Dawes Cycles Ltd in Wharf Dale, Tyseley in 1926,

    Making much of their own fittings and superb frames for a wide range of uses. Hand built with a long wheelbase and lightweight frame.

    The 'Windrush' lead to the famous 'Galaxy', a great touring bike in 1971, using Reynolds 531 tubing, made thicker at either end to reduce weight..

    The failure of British manufacturing very nearly resulted in the company demise but now rescued along with its reputation for quality by Tandem Group.

    Dawes E Bikes 
  • Electric Li-Fe

    The young brand has a great reputation for the production of street cred electric scooters of quality and colour but at great value for money and waterproof for the UK weather..

    While awaiting the UK change in the law to allow the use of these great electric personal micro transports to be used on public roads and cycle tracks, Life have also turned their hand to the production of another form of commuter travel, the folding electric bike.

    Their Life Force and Flo models not only look great but are very practical and aimed at the commuter market with lightweight folding and ease of storage. No more 'ticket required' on trains.

    The Flo on offer 
  • The future is Solar- Aptera Micro car

    And now for something FANTASTIC that we hope to be a part of in the UK.

    Driven by the sun.

    Aptera is the most efficient Solar Electric Vehicle that requires no charging for most daily use — giving you the freedom to do more with less impact on the planet.

    Changing the future.

    They are doing the impossible - something no other automakers have been brave enough to do, harnessing the power of the sun to make life off the grid a reality for everyone.

    Obsessed with efficiency.

    Aptera was created from the ground up with one purpose in mind — energy efficiency. Their unique shape allows Aptera to slip through the air using 30% of the energy compared to other electric and hybrid vehicles on the road today.

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