Who are we


Turning traffic into a party, one less car at a time.

ET Bikes.co.uk is established to promote and sell personal micro transport products. Starting by offering a selection of  good examples of  British mark bicycles, electric bikes and scooters, (soon to be legalised) and looking forward to include motor scooters, motor bikes and micro cars to this growing market.

ET for the World

We are aware of the beneficial factors that are in play in the market for electric powered bikes scooters motorbikes and micro cars.  We aim to do the very best to provide our customers with the choices that the market currently offers and update them on all the developments in the micro car sector. 

ET Bikes.co.uk distribute a full range of the best British marks as well as more advanced European and US market offers. Our support is provided via the online site and through a network of independent bike shops throughout the country.


We are based in the centre of the great cycling county of North Yorkshire and the birth place of the original industrial revolution. We organise distribution either direct to the customers door or via our network of bike shops local to the customer. If the latter is requested, the shop will take delivery and set up the equipment as well as checking it over. The customer has the advantage of collecting a fully checked bike as well as being able to pick up essential ancillary equipment at great prices.

Power Assisted Personal Transport {PAPT)

The market for PAPT is expected to grow by 75% over the next few years as more people see the considerable advantages offered by electric bikes. Reducing car usage and creating a sustainable environment are just two of the fundamental advantages. Mintel reported “Consumer engagement will be stimulated by a rising focus on health and wellness. If 2020 has largely been a renaissance of leisure cycling, cycle commuting will offer a further growth opportunity as a new band of ‘COVID cyclists’ return to the workplace. Ongoing improvements in infrastructure such as new bike lanes, pavement-widening,  and cycle-only corridors, accelerated by the pandemic, are helping to make cycling a safer activity. As the UK seeks to decarbonise its transport system, active travel now has strategic importance.” and we will be there to help.

LEJOG and The Tour de France

Having just been involved in completing the unpowered LEJOG in 7 days, it has become abundantly clear that most of us could do with a hand up. Following on from this, we are supporting CureLeukemia and Doug with his attempt to ride all 21 stages of the Tour de France, (The Tour 21) again unpowered, but we have a great review of the other side where electricity rolls back the ages. 

If you need any support with a product or have a particular question, we are here to help, simply visit our 'contact us' page or go to the 'tec (Chat with us)' in the right hand corner. See you there.