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Elswick Herotage bicycles from ET Bikes

Elegance on Two Wheels

Elswick is a true British bike brand, building its roots in 1910 and remaining loyal to its heritage today. Heritage does not mean stuffy though, as Elswick appreciate Vintage chic and combine the best of new and old to create timeless products.

Frames built for beauty

All of their frames are designed to reflect the beauty of bikes from times-gone-by, with their low step-through frames providing easy access and an elegant riding position. 

They also understand though that change can be good, and therefore couple the vintage designs with modern prints to generate a unique feel to their bikes. Whether riding to the shops, in the park or just for the thrill of the ride, Elswick is the brand to be seen on.

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A family bike shed.

One customers bike shed with a selection of race bikes, childrens starter bikes and.....for the working classes, a PURE E Free Step WITH CHAIN GUARD AND MUD GUARDS.

PURE Free Step