Collection: EV Car chargers for domestic installation

British Electric Traction offers a small range of EV Chargers to allow effective and faster electric car charging from home. along with a list of installers in your area.

There are a number of firms offering home charging solutions for current or prospective EV owners and charging at home is generally the most convenient and cost-effective way of charging an electric car.

Have a look at the collection we carry on this site. It’s definitely worth researching home wallboxes before you take delivery of an EV and there can be a lead time for installation, so check out the list of installers on our main page. It might also be necessary to  upgrade before a unit can be fitted.

A home wallbox will deliver electricity at a rate of up to  7 KW, far faster than the 2.3 kW you can get from a domestic three-pin plug, which should only really be used for emergency charges anyway. If you have a three phase supply, 22KW can be achieved.

See below for our range of chargers, picked for style, price and functionality. 

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A family bike shed.

One customers bike shed with a selection of race bikes, childrens starter bikes and.....for the working classes, a PURE E Free Step WITH CHAIN GUARD AND MUD GUARDS.

PURE Free Step