Collection: Electric Mountain Bikes

Good mountain bikes at great prices

Electric mountain bikes are seen more and more over the trails, and for good reason. You go further and faster in the same time as a regular mountain bike, which makes them perfect for the hectic pace of modern life.

More Power

E-MTBs, amplify the power you put into the bike while pedalling. When you stop, the motor stops assisting. You still have to earn your fun, but you get a better return on your invested energy.


E-bike range depends on several factors. Battery size, motor efficiency, rider weight, terrain, and even temperature can affect how far your e-MTB will go on one battery charge. Basically, the harder the motor has to work, the more battery power it will use. The more power it uses, the faster the battery runs out. That’s why larger riders tend to get less range than smaller riders, and why a ride on hilly terrain with a lot of sustained climbing will deplete the battery faster than a flatter ride with less climbing. To estimate how far you can ride an electric mountain bike on a single charge, check out Bosch’s range calculator.

How fast

Pedal assist mountain bikes will go as fast as your legs turn the pedals. However, the motor will stop assisting once a certain cut-off speed is reached. Generally, that cut-off speed is 25 kilometres per hour in Europe. Above these speeds, you can keep pedalling the bike, but the motor will not provide additional power.

A family bike shed.

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