Collection: Electric Folding bikes

A Bike that’s both electric and foldable?

Combining the convenience and portability of a folder with the ease of an e-bike. This combo could be the perfect commuter for many users. Power to the station. Jump on the train. Unpack your bike at the other end and get to work without the sweat.

A big ask

Nice idea but a lot of compromise for a single machine. Folding ability has to achieve much more than a conventional bike. An electric folder also has to spread its budget between both electrical and mechanical parts.

The cheaper the motors and batteries, the heavier.

So weight is even more important on folders and that is a function of cost.

The range and capacity of the battery

This varies considerably dependent on the weight of the rider and the contour of the road so on the flat, between 14 and 40 miles and on the hills from 8 to 20 miles.


Check the folded size and weight between different models to ensure ease of transportation and the process of folding. 


Folding bike weights range between 15 and 23 kgs, the latter being quite difficult to lug around but price is the main determinant of this factor.

The quality of the construction

As this type of electric bike , by definition, tends to get 'handled' more often than a standard model with knocks and wear on key components, check out the hinges and key locking components to ensure it retains its stiffness when riding.

How the bike 'rides'

Ascertain how the bike handles on rough and gravel surfaces and the odd cobbled road as well as dealing with the inevitable pot hole. 

A family bike shed.

One customers bike shed with a selection of race bikes, childrens starter bikes and.....for the working classes, a PURE E Free Step WITH CHAIN GUARD AND MUD GUARDS.

PURE Free Step